Portfolio Companies:

  1. ActivIdentity
  2. AIRS (Acquired by The Right Thing, Inc.)
  3. Animotion (now Mixamo)
  4. AppliedIdentity
  5. Apture
  6. Bebo (Acquired by AOL)
  7. BigTent
  8. BirthdayAlarm (now Zuno)
  9. BitGravity
  10. Blurb
  11. Bungee Labs
  12. Causes
  13. Center'd
  14. Change.org
  15. ClairMail
  16. Code Green Networks
  17. Ebates
  18. Huddler
  19. Inflection
  20. isocket
  21. Lala (Acquired by Apple)
  22. MerchantCircle
  23. MyWaves
  24. NileGuide
  25. NutshellMail (Acquired by ConstantContact)
  26. PacketHop
  27. Paglo (Acquired by Citrix) 
  28. Particle/Tennman Digital
  29. Pulse Mobile
  30. RedFin
  31. Shakti/PeakStream (Acquired by Google)
  32. Six Apart (Acquired by VideoEgg)
  33. Splunk
  34. Tapulous (Acquired by Disney)
  35. VideoEgg (SayMedia)
  36. Xoopit (Acquired by Yahoo)
  37. Zynga


"Just wanted to let you know that it's been a fantastic experience working with techVenture! techVenture has been efficient in their recruiting process (a high signal to noise ratio means bringing fewer candidates in for maximum hiring results) and great at filtering candidates, thus allowing my team to optimize our time working on product instead of screening and interviewing unqualified candidates. In addition, you guys have been really good at managing our pipeline, making sure that all in-bound inquiries are followed up on and people don't fall through the cracks.

techVenture has also shown a thorough understanding of startup cultures and the type of people who thrive in them, and a good understanding of our space (iPhone in our case).  Finally, you guys have proven your ability to negotiate and close candidate.

techVenture has really made a mark on our company - over the last year, techVenture has been responsible for assembling a big part of the team we have in place now!"

--Bart Decrem
CEO, Tapulous

"Fadi did an awesome job as an in-house recruiter at Lala. He sourced a number of leads which led, in a very short time, to new members of our team. Fadi is reliable, creative, and brings results. We will definitely continue to use techVenture, Inc. in the future."

--Geoff Ralston
CEO, Lala.com
Angel Investor and Early Stage Advisor

"Fadi has great depth and knowledge of early stage startups and venture related investments. He had very helpful from the beginning in providing essential feedback to some early stage investments of mine and to my own startup. Fadi is a great guy to know and a great connector!"

--Arjun Sethi
Venture Advisor and Early-Stage Investor

"Fadi has been very valuable for us in building Bebo. He has done an awesome job driving the recruitment efforts since we started with the early key hires. Fadi's thorough understanding of our business and industry, combined with his skills to identify and recruit talented people were crucial in building our extraordinary team."

--Michael Birch
Co-Founder and CEO, Bebo.com

"Fadi and his colleagues at techVenture are not only resourceful and creative in their approach to identifying the best possible candidates, but they are also holistic in their thinking about their clients' business. Fadi adds value all the time--via introductions to potential partners and sales leads as well as insights into what's happening in the market. Fadi is my 'first call' when looking for the people who aren't looking."

--Eileen Gittins
Founder and CEO, Blurb.com

"Fadi did an amazing job for Six Apart. He helped us build out our team at an important point in our development and had both great skills in finding people as well as a strong filter for who was right for us and who wasn't. I would be thrilled to work with him again."

--Andrew Anker
EVP, Corporate Development, 
Six Apart

"Fadi is the best recruiter I've known in the Valley and an a key part of the Bebo success formula. The quality of candidate he'd bring in was so high we would hire more than half of them. Fadi knows all sides of finding the right candidate (job skills, experience, personality) as well as all sides of closing candidates (comp needs, pitching the company, addressing concerns). He brought top talent to Bebo with minimum effort on the part of the management and very little HR support. I plan to recommend Fadi to any startup I want to succeed."

--Darius Contractor
VP of Engineering, Bebo.com

"I am happy to endorse Fadi Bishara and techVenture. Fadi has been instrumental in our company's rapid growth. While Fadi is generally strong, he stands out in two particular areas. * Fadi is great with candidates. He develops a rapport quickly and can accurately assess their motivations and desires. He's also very good at closing. * When Fadi started, our organization had no ability to recruit and hire. Fadi engaged quickly and energetically and within a few weeks we had strong candidate and interview flow."

--Mike Schwartz
VP, Engineering, Six Apart

"Fadi Bishara served as VideoEgg's recruiter during the very early stage of the company.  He was instrumental in hiring several key developers on our engineering team.  Fadi is an experienced recruiter with extensive contacts and knowledge of the technology industry."

--Matt Sanchez
Cofounder/President & CEO, VideoEgg, Inc

"I've been working with techVenture for over two years and very early on their kind of recruiting service stood out from the others. With many recruiters what you get is resumes recycled from the popular recruiting web sites, this kind of recruiting our own staff can do. In today's highly competitive work environment, what a high tech executive working to build a team needs is a recruiter who's focused on the talent you need. One that understands your needs and is willing to put in the networking time necessary to find the perfect match. The professionalism exhibited by techVenture has met these expectations for me. I have consistently and in a timely fashion received pre-qualified candidates, who walked in the door already filled in on our business proposition and opportunity. I would recommend techVenture to any startup working to staff up and round out their team."

--Stacy Soper
Vice President of Engineering & Product Development, Intraspect Software