Many of the best technology game-changing entrepreneurs with whom we've worked are now investors, repeat co-founders, and/or software developers whose codes have become industry standards. They help us nurture and grow our network of up and coming achievers. We are also connected with brilliant graduates from local universities - those with fresh views and big visions on how to make better products, improve lives, and create jobs and wealth.

Our goal is to bring ambitious and like-minded co-founders, developers, and investors together. Our intention is one of adding value in every possible way. Our approach is long term and, unlike others in our industry, our focus is not about the transactions and agreement we make with our partners. Rather, our focus is on doing whatever it takes to add value and help them succeed with their ventures.


You have got what it takes to build a company from the ground up.
  • Connect with potential investors to raise funds now.
  • Connect and network with like-minded, passionate people whose complementary skills and driving passion will create the next big thing.
Apply to our cofounder network and get the help of our partners to connect you with other entrepreneurs around the globe.


You are wicked smart or highly skilled individual who is looking to join a funded software/web startup team.
  • Be considered for appropriate positions with our venture-backed software and web startups.
  • Position yourself to be part of a winning team, build tomorrow's technologies and make computing history.  Apply to our talent network and tell us what would be an ideal startup.


You are a member of a venture capital funded early stage startup team and you want to find and hire the best talent to grow your team.
  • Get expert advise on startup best practices and strategies to build and lead a core winning team.
  • Partner with a dedicated senior search consultant, focus on building your product and business, and only interview highly qualified individuals.


You are an individual investor, a limited partner, a fund manager or a venture capitalist who invests in early-stage software and web services companies.
  • Your portfolio startup needs some serious technical help, either mentorship, or looking for key talent.
  • Want to know when an ideal early stage investment opportunity in your 'sweet spot' will be looking for funding.

Your information (expressed interest, resume, business plan etc.) remains confidential. Third parties will only be given access to your information when appropriate and with your approval.

"Fadi did an awesome job as an in-house recruiter at Lala. He sourced a number of leads which led, in a very short time, to new members of our team. Fadi is reliable, creative, and brings results. We will definitely continue to use techVenture, Inc. in the future."

--Geoff Ralston
Angel Investor and Early Stage Advisor

"Fadi has been very valuable for us in building Bebo. He has done an awesome job driving the recruitment efforts since we started with the early key hires. Fadi's thorough understanding of our business and industry, combined with his skills to identify and recruit talented people were crucial in building our extraordinary team."

--Michael Birch
Co-Founder and CEO,

"Fadi did an amazing job for Six Apart. He helped us build out our team at an important point in our development and had both great skills in finding people as well as a strong filter for who was right for us and who wasn't. I would be thrilled to work with him again."

--Andrew Anker
EVP, Corporate Development, 
Six Apart

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